You can always get new shoes, but you can’t get a new childhood

We’ve had some rain around Sydney lately, the local parks and grasslands are soaked. Doesn’t mean you can’t get up and out!

There are so many activities offered around Sydney that will let you get out of your house. Indoor rock climbing, bowling, laser tag, paintball, trampoline park, heated swimming pools… the list goes on.

I’ve put links of great indoor hangouts to get up and out of your house:

Climbfit St Leonards

Little Dynamos

Monkey Mania Moore Park

Chipmunks Playground & Cafe

Bricks 4 Kidz

Laser Siege

Jungle Buddies

Lollipops Playland

North Sydney Centre


Have you been to any of these? How did you like it? I’ve been to Climbfit at St Leonards, easy to get there and parking is available, so it’s a wonderful way to get your muscles working!

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